Public Vs. Educators On NCLB

20080626wsj_2There's a new Gallup poll out today suggesting that NCLB is not nearly as unpopular as many educators might think -- especially among blacks and Hispanics. The folks who dislike the law the most are white independents.

Here are a couple of blog posts about the findings:

Blacks, Hispanics Like NCLB. The Hoff

For all of the red-hot rhetoric against NCLB, it appears that the

public hasn't made up its mind. But the minority community is leaning

in favor.

Which Demographic Hates NCLB the Most? Michele McNeil

About one-third of those polled think the law is hurting

schools, one-third think it's helping, and the rest think it's making

no difference. The folks who are the most positive about the law are Republicans (no surprise there), Latinos, and blacks.

Meanwhile, there's a Wall Street Journal story out today showing that just 33 percent of Americans have some or a lot of confidence in public education.

For all the antipathy to the law expressed among some educators (and all the lip service to opposing the law among politicians), the public itself isn't convinced NCLB is so bad -- perhaps in part because they're not convinced public schools are so good. That means NCLB opponents' hopes and expectations for big changes are likely to remain unmet.

More important, it means there is a big disconnect between what educators think and what the public thinks. And, unfortunately for educators, the public is not ready to go along with educators' negative views of NCLB. (Plus which, as you can see elsewhere on this blog, not all educators are so opposed.)

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