Public Housing Tours Led By Public Housing Residents

I remember reading about bus tours in the 1980s that took mostly Japanese tourists through Harlem, and was asked more than a couple of times when I was in New Orleans last year if I wanted to take a cab tour of the destruction from Hurricane Katrina (I declined).  But this is something else -- "ghetto bus tours" offered in Chicago for mostly local residents to see what it's like in the fast-disappearing CHA projects (A drive through Chicago's public housing past LA Times). 

What makes the tours especially interesting is that they're given by a former CHA resident and run by the
Residents' Journal
, a monthly paper written by former and current
housing residents and distributed free across the city, published by We the People Media, a nonprofit
group that teaches journalism to inner-city youth.   They even took Cardinal George on a tour a couple of years ago. 

Thanks to a reader for pointing this out. 

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