Proposed CTU Contract: Do We Have A Deal?

ContractThere's going to be lots of news and information trickling out over the next few hours, including more details about the proposed CTU contract, reactions from delegates and members, and lots of punditry and analysis.  The main questions seem to be are the percentage increases enough and is the timeframe liveable?  Is this deal any better than the current Lynch contract, and is it approve-able?

Here are the latest stories as of lunchtime Friday -- nothing new but more will be online soon. 


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  • I've found this site recently and agree it has been a helpful and interesting resource.

    Contract length and true raise percentage are the issues about which many seem to be most concerned. But I think it will be important to take into account the *whole* of this tentative agreement when deciding to approve or reject.

    PAT status, ESP protections, elementary teacher relief, charter openings, school closings, salary structure in terms of lanes and steps, health and dental insurance details, pensionability, and other issues are extremely important. No matter which way the vote tonight goes we must look at the entirety of the agreement. A contract is simply not as simple as raise percentage and length.

  • 5:00 p.m.

  • Is it my imagination or are some of my fellow teachers' posts absolutely frightening? I don't care what grade you teach, it is vital that you write in coherent, intelligent sentences. The more time I spend on this board; the more startling it seems. Both 5:32 and 8:05...are those posts even for real?

  • If the deal was as reported (4%/5 yr) I'm hoping the vote was "No Deal".

  • Well according to passed.

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