Prominent Reformer Waffles On Vouchers, Obama

This keeps getting better and better:

First, McCain and Obama argue over whether DC superintendent Michelle Rhee supports vouchers (Transcript here, see video too at the 1:24 mark.)

Then, Rhee reveals that she is against vouchers as a large-scale policy lever, but OK with it as an individual decision: Rhee “Hasn’t Taken a Formal Position on Vouchers” City Paper (DC)

Holy nuance! Reminds me of how hard a time people had when Obama wanted to leave the

door open on vouchers last summer.

Then -- news to me -- it's now revealed that Rhee's critical of Obama's education positions, though she's a

longtime Democrat: (Obama & McCain Fight Over A Woman Fast Company).

What could be next? Maybe Rhee will tell us what she really thinks of other reformer types like Kopp, or Schnur, or Klein.

Meantime, Rhee is not exactly doing anything to keep herself out of the story. The Obama folks must be pissed!

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