Principals Up For Renewal This Year

Each year, a slew of contract principals are up for renewal. Each year, a handful aren't renewed by their LSC. Sometimes this creates confusion and unhappiness. Other times, it passes by without any great hullabaloo.

Here is the list of principals who are/were up for renewal this year, and the outcome of the LSC process, according to CPS.

As you can see, principals were not renewed at just a few schools -- Lavizzo, De Diego, and Ames. There are also a number of retirements, which may include principals who were not going to be renewed. And there are a number of pending decisions, which could lead to nonrenewals.

There is just one new contract listed -- at Pope -- which I assume means that the other LSCs are still considering their options and making their decisions.

If you know anything about the decisions that have been made, or have any thoughts on the schools we haven't already talked about -- Lavizzo, Ames, Pope -- here is the place. Now is the time. What's going on at those schools? What do you see when you look at this list?

How is the process going at your school?

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