Principals Go, Principals Come

"Chicago Public Schools will be hit this year with a record number of
principal vacancies," reports Catalyst (Updates).  "One in five school leaders—120 systemwide—have
notified the district that they will step down from their jobs at the
end of the year, CPS reported in mid-March."

As the article reports, it's a big increase over last year, and will likely still climb higher since principals have another month almost to announce.  Of course, there are more than enough people in the pipeline -- certified, etc. include over 500 -- but maybe not all of them the right people, the article seems to suggest. And of course, not every principal that an AIO wants to retire has signed up, not by far.

Check out the article for why the big increase this year, and how if at all the latest LSC dustup has affected the retirement and candidacy situation. 

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