Preschool For All Report -- And Questions

Here's the report from the EARLY LEARNING COUNCIL I mentioned yesterday. 

The Preschool for All report shows the thinking, priorities and strategies that went into an initiative that is getting national attention, said Harriet Meyer in the press release. We are building on what is right with our early childhood system, including the two-year preschool program, our emphasis on quality and a strong commitment to the notion that learning begins at birth.  You can download the report here (PDF).

Am I the only one who's a little nervous about the fact that the early learning advocates and the Governor are all entirely on the same page about this?  I admire the advocates for their savvy and hard work, but I miss the independent perspective. 

There are clearly some questions about whether this approach makes the most sense, and from what little I know writing ocassionally about early childhood for Catalyst it seems clear that what's supposed to happen and what actually happens with all the new money are sometimes different things. 

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