Premium Financial Services: Only Dr. Phil Can Help

A reader writes in:  "I have this fantasy that ARNE appears on the Dr. Phil
show after Dr. Phil has visited some of our most
troubled schools and interviewed those principals...The Dr. Phil-Arne fantasy does calm me down."

"Now schools have to pay for this
service (Premium_Financial_Services PDF) and note: you buy this service and they do NOT
do it for you--only train you or someone at your
school to do it.  Note also that you only get 2 or 4
days for a 1/2 day for this high price.  Also, a principal is to have these records together or
you can get a warning resolution.  Most principals
have trouble with the internal accounts. This is one of many ways that CPS is taking money from
schools to handle requirements that they should pay
for, but feds and state do nothing about it.

Just like we now pay for OTS services--this does not
happen in other schol districts.  The door is
open--now we are to pay for the LLT, but CRI is a
REQUIRED district wide initiative--
Soon we will be paying for other "services" as well.
Look how schools with high special ed students have to
pay/buy a position for case management....  very
expensive and CPS send you these students! very

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