Pre-K Profile of Chicago

About a year ago, the Hechinger Institute asked me to profile what was going on in early childhood education in Chicago -- and asked other journalists to do the same in other towns.  I'm not sure very many people saw the report when it came out, but it's a good primer on what's going on here and around the country -- and not the little kids are so cute stuff that you often get in the papers or from the advocates. 

At the time, I wrote that the PK expansion effort was marred by too few qualified teachers and too little connection to the K12 syste. 

"In general, the program lacks accountability and is disconnected from the public schools where most preschools are located. The law requires certified teachers, but many classrooms in Head Start and child care centers do not have such teachers."

Download hechinger_report_on_prek_2005.pdf

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