Praying For Paul In Philly

Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz is, apparently, "praying for Paul Vallas'redemption every day."  Well, at least someone is (Philadelphia District to cut $70-80 million).  While the School Board was holding its monthly meeting yesterday to discuss its plan for closing a $21 million budget gap (now $70 million).  Butkovtiz held his own press conference to say that, well, he's praying for Vallas.  "I believe Paul Vallas can do better."

Meanwhile, The Inquirer goes frontpage with results from a report on the Philadelphia School District's dropout rate (Dropout crisis in city emerges from research). John Hopkins researchers conducted the study, which shows that,
essentially, half of the disrict's 9th graders don't graduate high school, comparable to that in other cities, such as Chicago, LA and Houston. No word on the college graduation rates that come from the few who graduate, like they did in Chicago.

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