Praise & Punishment For The Trib On School Finance

This post over at Illinoize praises and punishes the Tribune for its stance on financing the schools:

"One particularly nice part of the editorial
is the call for voters and legislators to consider the investment in
the entire state, and not just how they would come out under any change...This is a welcome change, as the last time
a shift towards statewide funding of education got some traction (SB
755 was voted out of committee in 2006), the Trib ran a front-page
story detailing exactly how each school district would make out,
comparing the income tax increases the taxpayers would pay (while not
noting the federal offset) versus the likely increase in school
district revenues."

Of course, the editorial page and news desk sometimes operate entirely independently, so there's no guarantee that a news editor won't order up just that same story in a week or two. 

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