Post-Partisan Chicago? Hardly.

"The city is still divided along racial lines, and other layers of

government here -- from the Illinois Statehouse to the Cook County

government -- feature as much grandstanding and as many ad hominem

attacks as anywhere. But anyone who doubts that a toxic political

environment can be overcome should look to Chicago. Consensus has

become more conspicuous than conflict. Deal-making is more important

than showboating. In short, the city's politics has become


Anyone familiar with CPS will likely scoff at the notion that Chicago is somehow "post-partisan" in recent years, though admittedly much of the infighting and influence peddling has gone below ground. But that's what this Salon article by Dan Conley has to say. And there's a picture of Daley, Blagojevich, and Obama to prove it.

(Salon makes you watch a little ad before they let you read their articles.)

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