Possible Changes -- What Do You Think?

This is just a head's-up that there may be some changes to the site coming down the pike, and to get your thoughts. Nothing immediate, but perhaps in a few weeks or so.

First off, the site, like my other blog, may find a new home. (The other site, This Week In Education, is now at EdWeek.org since January.)  This means more readers (to go along with you diehards who already make this site great), and a little bit of income for me (I need every bit I can get). But I would still own the site independently, and I would still be able to write and say whatever I want.

A second potential change would be to require some sort of registration for reader comments, rather than relying on me being at the computer all the time and weeding out the over-the-top stuff.  This wouldn't mean that everyone would have to give their real name, rank, and serial number -- a lot of you couldn't or wouldn't (or shouldn't) participate that way.  But you might get asked for an email of your choosing -- right now it's optional -- which could be your real email or not.  In any case, your email wouldn't be public, but I would know it. 

Any thoughts about these or other changes -- feel free to weigh in.  I'm always trying to make the site better, more engaging, more open and informative. 

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