Political Theater: Persuading & Entertaining

A few weeks ago I went to talk with some kids at Gwendolyn Brooks (aka South Side Prep) about how to get the auditorium they were promised long ago, and the issue came up of doing some sort of political theater -- a talent show in a pretend auditorium, etc. 

Marches and sit-ins and hunger strikes have a long tradition and are all well and good, I guess.  Once in a while they are effective.  But saying something smart AND funny  is such a more compelling way to go, it seems to me.  While Chicago has lots of political activists, and lots of local theater, it doesn't seem to have as much political theater as it might.  Or maybe I just don't hear about it. 

I mean, think of how much fun advocates could have with things like school closings, school funding, local school councils, and the like -- if they brought some humor to it.  They'd get more supporters.  They'd get more press. 

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