Plum Job Of The Week Year?: Principal At North Side College Prep

Not surprisingly, there' s not too much turnover among principals at the most successful schools.  Sure, a couple get lured into being AIOs (or "deputy superintendents," as some of them have apparently started calling themselves).  And a few got lured away to be turnaround specialists (and make some good signing bonuses along the way (see last week's news below). 

But there are always a few high-profile jobs that come open.  A couple of years ago, the big job everyone wanted was Inter-American (though maybe that didn't turn out so well).  You'd have thought that the Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep job would have been attractive, but then the aldermen and others get in and muck things up.

In any case, thanks to an eagle-eyed reader (keep those tips coming!), one of the jobs that  you'd expect to be super-appealing to some is apparently coming up at North Side.  For all the details, click here (or go to EdWeek's job board and punch up Chicago).  Is this the biggest principalship opening of the year, or are there -- will there -- be many others?

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