Picking High Schools

These questions from Maritza, who pens the Back Of The Yards blog The Marshfield Tattler, says that many parents are confused and unsure about which high schools to apply to for their children. The applications are due next week.

From Maritza:

It's high school application time, and I don't know much about this process. Here are the questions that are coming up from kids, parents and my own observations::

Which of these is the "best" high school: Juarez, Kelly or Kennedy? I've seen the high school scorecards, but I think the teacher who posted saying schools often fudge their numbers was on to something, so I'd like to hear what real people who know these schools think of

them. If anyone knows all three of them well and can compare their strengths and weaknesses, that would be a huge help in talking with my neighbors. Right now, everybody's excited about Juarez because they got their new addition and it's an easy ride on the Ashland bus from here.

One of my 8th-grade neighbors has stanine 7 scores and wants to go to Curie. His parents are separated and his dad lives in Curie's attendance area (or at least they think he does). We're definitely not in it over here. Can he apply for the IB program and go in the neighborhood area through his dad's address? Or does he have to choose whether to apply as a neighborhood student vs applying through IB? Which IB program is better, Kelly's or Curie's? Which is harder to get into?

At Chavez they are having all the 8th-graders turn their applications in a week early, today, because on our calendar Friday is the last day of school before Christmas. I get the feeling not many parents realize they could and probably should apply to more than one high school for their kids. I just figured that out this morning reading the form, which is only in English in my book. (I never found one of those Spanish-language high school directories and this neighborhood could sure use some.)

How do most elementary schools handle the 8th-grade high school process? How much help can they offer parents who are trying to figure out how it works? Do only the higher-scoring students get face time with the counselor?

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