Philly Watch: Same Thing Next Year For Chicago?

The budget cuts in CPS are already hitting hard in some places (special ed, discretionary dollars, area budgets, LLTs), and the situation doesn't appear to be getting any better anytime soon.  What's going on in Philly might be what awaits us when the next budget cycle comes around:

First, the Philadelphia School District can't seem to agree how much - exactly
- the budget deficit is. $70 million, $80 million, $100 million (School district shortfall worse than thought)?  Then, Vallas tries to explain how the district wound up in a $73 million hole (Vallas outlines causes of deficit). He's scrambling a bit now because the Philadelphia City Council agreed yesterday to hold hearings on the school budget deficit -- and any time the Council can agree on something it's sort of a big deal.  

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