Philly To Cut EMO Funding

Funding to the Education Management Organziations that operate 41 of Philadelphia's more than 270 schools will likely be cut by one-third as the district struggles with a budget deficit nearing $200 million. For local parents, though, the reduction in EMO funding doesn't go far enough, and the district's plans for other cuts - to teachers and key services - drew outrage at yesterday's School Refrom Commission hearing on the school budget. Outcry grows over Phila. school cuts.

Outgoing District CEO Paul Vallas said he supported cutting more funding to the EMOs after a Rand/Research for Action report showed little improvement in the EMO-run schools.

The problem is Vallas has zero input, and, at this point, zero credibility to inform this school district on anything, let alone the budget mess that he's basically responsible for. Whatever gains were made during the Vallas era here - and there were some - are being completely washed away by this budget crisis. I think it's safe to say, there will be no burnishing of the Vallas legend here in Philadelphia.

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