Payroll Problems: 400 Grievances, 16 Promised Changes

Ddv0102This isn't new news, but it's got some depth and context that other news coverage may not have had: "Some of the nation’s biggest school districts and many smaller ones are weighing the adoption of corporate-style software, called “enterprise resource planning” systems, to run their key business functions," begins this EdWeek article (Payroll Problems).  "But problems implementing ERP systems in the Los Angeles and Chicago schools have raised cautionary flags about going down this technological path too quickly and without careful planning.

"The Los Angeles and Chicago school districts, for instance, both encountered large-scale payroll errors as a consequence of their adoptions of new systems during the 2006-07 school year. In Chicago, more than 400 teachers have filed grievances that allege payroll errors were committed by the 415,000-student school district since it converted to a PeopleSoft payroll system in March. Chicago school officials have acknowledged the problems and said they were caused by not providing enough staff members and training for the implementation of the software. In August, district officials posted a list of 16 changes they planned to make to reduce errors and improve the operation of the payroll system. But the problems in Chicago have been far less extensive than in Los Angeles."

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