Parent Concerns About Lawrence Elementary

A concerned Lawrence Elementary parent writes in: "I

have four children in the school. Over the last seven years I have

watched the quailty of education and the moral of the students decline,

since Mr. Davis has left...I tried talking to Mrs. McClinton and she wasn't

available to talk to me. I tried to make an appointment to see her,

Mrs. Lopez make excuses on why you can't make an appointment. Ms. Lopez

demeanor towards children is terrible. She is like a "Big Bully" when

she talks to them but when parents come around she's an angel. They

deny kids access to the phones when they need to call home. My child

asked to use the phone because at the last minute they decided to

cancel her afterschool program and was told no and had to walk home by herself. Her

safety was jeopardize and when I called to question, why she was denied

access to the phone, it was because "kids was running in and out the

school and she could have been playing outside before she decided she

needed to call home."

She's set up a website, too:

Assuming this is legit (accurate and frequent), I wonder where the LSC is, why and how school administrators get into this mode, and what can be done about it. Do some CPS admins need customer care training? Do parents need better skills telling schools what they want in a way that school admins can hear?

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