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Next LSC legislative hearing set for June 7 PURE

Here's your next chance, and in a format which

should allow for more speakers: Saturday, June 7 at Julian High School

from 10 am to 1:30 pm. Julian is located at 10330 S. Elizabeth.

Connected at the Wii Chicago Teacher Man

Go on, ask me: Chicago Teacher Man, how do you reach the

student that has fallen behind and make sure he passes? Simple. I challenge the kid to a session of Nintendo Wii.

More on the inevitable failure of top-down reform Klonsky

Freedman offers a testimony to the inevitable failure of, what Meier

calls, “smallish schools mandated ruthlessly from above” via school


In overcrowded school for students with disabilities makes do with less CC Echo


of the storefront Baptist churches, fish and chicken shacks, and the

yellow and red signs of block-to-block currency exchanges, Southside

Occupational Academy sits nestled on the 7000 block of Hoyne Avenue

A school on the southwest side struggles with neighborhood violence CC Echo


jazz music floats through the checkered hall of Little Village Lawndale

High School Campus to signify the few minutes left before classes


Elitism Teaching Excellence Network


Apple Fellow Jane Artabasy has been doing a lot of thinking about the

upcoming election. In recent weeks, she has been particularly upset at

the use of “elitist” as a major criticism of Obama, and in this post,

she argues that an elite president is exactly what we need…

And I wonder...are teachers frightened of being labeled “elitist”?

The right to choose schools Chicago Moms

A recent post by Foodmomiac really got me thinking about my son's

education. He's only two, but in the next couple of years we will have

to decide where he will attend school.

Blagojevich can fix gaffe on CeaseFire Eric Zorn

'This is an emergency," Gov. Rod Blagojevich did not say last August. "Children are being shot and killed," he did not add.

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