Online Credit Recovery For "First-Time" Freshmen

CPS announced a new online credit recovery program for the summer -- aimed at 600 first time freshmen (love that phrase) entering 19 high schools. Click below for the press release.


Launches Program to Help Kids Catch Up Online


Online Credit Recovery Pilot Targets More than 600 First-time Freshmen

In accordance with Chicago Public Schools’ push

to get freshmen students on-track for graduation, the district has launched a pilot

program that for the first time ever offers online credit recovery to CPS

students during the summer.

June 30 marked the first day of Summer Online Credit

Recovery, when students started logging onto the Internet and, with the

assistance and supervision of a CPS mentor, taking courses and recovering lost

credits. The pilot program targets first-time freshmen who have accumulated one

or two credits less than what is required to be academically on-track to


“We must use all available resources to get our students

on track, including the summer months when school is out of session and the

technology at our fingertips,” said CPS Chief Executive Officer Arne

Duncan. “We believe that Summer Online Credit Recovery will help us put

our students on a path that leads to high school graduation and much, much


The 30 CPS mentors facilitating these courses will support

students, at their schools, as they progress through their individual programs

of study in a variety of online courses simultaneously in a single classroom. About

600 students from 19 schools are participating in the entirely virtual credit

recovery experience. The schools are as follows:

  • Austin Polytech

    Academy, 231 N. Pine Ave.

  • Banner Alternative

    School, 2330 E. 99th St.

  • Bowen Environmental

    Studies Team (BEST), 2710 E.

    89th St.

  • Carver Military

    Academy, 13100 S. Doty West Ave.

  • Chicago Academy

    High School, 3400 N. Austin Blvd.

  • Chicago Vocational Career

    Academy Achievement

    Academy, 8600 S. Chappel Ave.

  • Clemente Community

    Academy, 1147 N. Western Ave.

  • Corliss High

    School, 821 E. 103rd St.

  • Crane Tech Prep and Crane Achievement Academy,

    2245 W. Jackson Blvd.

  • Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, 3000 S. King Drive
  • Fenger Academy High

    School and Achievement

    Academy, 11220 S. Wallace St.

  • Kelly High

    School, 4136 S. California Ave.

  • Kelvyn Park

    High School, 4343 W. Wrightwood Ave.

  • Milburn Alternative

    High School, 545 E. Oakwood Blvd.

  • North Grand

    High School, 4338 W.


  • Phillips Achievement

    Academy, 244 E. Pershing Road

  • Senn High

    School, 5900 N. Glenwood Ave.

  • Simeon Career

    Academy, 8147 S. Vincennes Ave.

  • Wells Community

    Academy High

    School, 936 N. Ashland Ave.

Each course taken in Summer Online Credit Recovery

represents 60 hours of class time. A passing grade in an online course earns a

student half, or 0.5, of a high school credit. A total of 24 credits, or six

credits a year, are needed for graduation from high school.

Data shows that credit recovery is most effective in a

student’s freshman year. First-time freshmen, who have earned four of six

possible credits by the end of their freshman year, have only a 24 percent

chance of graduating from high school. However, if these students are able to

recover just one of these credits, for a total of five credits by the end of

their freshman year, their chances of graduating high school go up to 45

percent. If these students reach a total of six credits, their chances of

graduating high school shoot up to 68 percent.

“Summer Online Credit Recovery allows students

to work at their own pace, so they can move quickly through the parts that they

understand and spend more time on the concepts that they find challenging,”

said Rufus Williams, President of the Chicago Board of Education. “This

independence gives our students control of their own success.”

CPS students currently can take online credit recovery

classes during the school year, but the online credit recovery program never

has been used as a summer school program, nor has it ever specifically targeted

ninth graders. Funding for the pilot program is provided by the CPS Department

of Graduation Pathways.

June 30 also marked the start of Freshman Connection, a

collection of programs that for the first time ever is making summer enrichment

activities available to all in-coming CPS freshmen.

The Chicago Public

Schools is the nation’s third-largest school system. It includes more

than 600 schools and serves about 409,000 students.

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