Off Probation, But For How Long?

Catalyst has the list of who's on and who's off probation, and an explanation of what the 2007 standard (55 percent at or above) will mean for this year's scores.  Link:  Updates.


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  • Until we begin taking the long view, as in, "how many of the kids going into first grade this year graduate in 12 years, and are starting jobs and careers by age 25", we're just working on pieces of the problem.

    I host a library of information about tutoring,mentoring, education to careers, etc. on the web site and host a conference every May and November to encourage people from business, community and education to talk to each other.

    Arne Duncan and Jesse Ruiz will both be speakers at the May 17 and 18 conference.

    I don't view volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring as a cure-all. To me, it's one of the best strategies for engaging adults who don't live in poverty with the issues facing inner city schools. It's a way to get the business community involved. It's also a way to get smart people who aren't part of the education establishment to be innovating ideas for helping kids reach careers.

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