O'Connor On Education

I haven't had a ton of dealings with Ald. Pat O'Connor, who's now running for the Emanuel Congressional seat, but mention of his name in a recent news roundup generated a few comments and I thought it might be good to take a look at what O'Connor has -- and hasn't -- done on the education front.

Lately, he's been laying claim to being the mastermind behind Northside Prep. Whatever. The real question is whether O'Connor has done anything to shape the city's education policy, or even affected it very much. Aldermen don't usually have much say over anything but the smallest of issues. Has O'Connor been any different?

Commenters so far seem less than impressed. One claims that O'Connor's sister and daughter have burrowed into CPS and done well -- is that right? He's been mentioned in stories about the abuse of kids -- has he been responsive and effective?

What do you think -- or know -- about O'Connor's handling of education issues?

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