Obama Stakes Out Bold New Education Position(s)

Cross-posted from TWIE: Last week, I argued that the only really important thing about the

two education position papers that were released was to wonder which

one Obama would support (Which Manifesto Would Obama Have Signed?).


that post, I guessed that Obama, moving as he has been to the left,

would have supported the Bigger, Bolder One. Boy, was I wrong.

Now, EdWeek's Hoff does that journalist thing (making phone calls) and tells us that Obama supports both positions (2 New Coalitions Seek Influence on Campaigns).

We also learn that it was just coincidence that the highly organized

education groups came out with big announcements one day

apart from each other. Go, education groups. You make us proud to be working in the same field.

It's a brave and visionary position for a politician to take, siding

with both sides. Few politicos do it so well as Obama. In so doing,

Obama joins just one other figure, Chicago superintendent Arne Duncan.

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