Obama & Education -- Then & Now

My article about Obama's role in the 1999 LSC debate is just out on Slate (Chicago school days). Thanks to those of you who helped me research it, even though many of you will not like my interpretation of what happened.

In essence, the piece argues that Obama could and should have gotten more involved in the fierce 1999 debate that was prompted by Paul Vallas seeking to win approval over LSC firing decisions, pushing both sides to compromise and helping to integrate the 1995 and 1988 school reform laws that too often work at cross purposes.

Check it out. Let me know what you think.


There have been lots ofinteresting responses to my article on Obama --

not all of them complimentary, you won't be surprised to hear:

2006_11_scantronOver at TAPPED, the American Prospect blog, Dana Goldstein notes that

whatever he did or didn't do long ago, Obama is already standing up to

teachers unions on charters during this campaign (Obama On Local Control).

Political Animal's Kevin Drum notes: "This is only a tidbit, not an indictment....But it's still an interesting tidbit." (Leadership, plus 49 comments so far).

Over at Slate's reader response section, called The Fray, there are

27 responses, most of them eviscerating my argument or dismissing the

piece for being unlikely to make a difference in the political race (here). Plus some making fun of everyone else's Obama-mania.

Linking the Chicago incident to a more recent on on immigration,

EdWeek's Michele McNeil says that "This might be a pattern with Obama"

in her post, Is Obama a Wimp on Education?

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