Obama, Charters, Bipartisanship?

Barack_the_dad_081308I'm still not finding much to support the notion that Obama was in any

way a leader in the 2003 effort to bring more charter schools to

Chicago, much less a clear instance of bipartisanship as was claimed by

the camapign (see post from yesterday. The deal to give Chicago 15

more charter slots was negotiated between the Board and the union and

then put into an omnibus bill. Fourteen of 59 state senators

cosponsored the legislation, which passed unanimously in both houses.

Charter supporters should note that the legislation wasn't a big win

for charter advocates, limiting as it did the terms under which

charters could expand in Chicago, one of the more restrictive setups in

the nation. Here are some helpful links provided by a friend: the legislation, the roll call vote, the bill summary.

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