Obama Calls Principals On Inside Phone Lines

From a reader who is a CPS principal:

"Today, on my CPS school's private principal's line, I

received a long message from the Obama campaign to

disregard all the negative adds that are coming out

about him and to stay united. (I am sorry, I erased

the message.)

They left this number to call so that we could help

him: 1-866-675-2008.

"It would be interesting to see if other principals got

this message on their CPS private line. How did the

Obama people get CPS private lines? CPS does have a

clear ethics policy about campaigning and political

support. This may be only the start of CPS support

for his campaign.

My issue is that we should follow our own policy on


Was this principal the only one, or has the Obama campaign been reaching out to all of them? Let us know.

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