Obama, Ayers, & "Radical" Education Reform


piece in today's Wall Street Journal digs deep into the history of the

Chicago Annenberg Challenge to try and figure out how close was the

association between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, and indeed unearths

some new documentation that no one else has gotten to (ie, minutes and

records from CAC board meetings).

But the paper's findings don't seem to me to be so startling or upsetting as the paper would make it seem (Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism on Schools).

We already know that Obama and Ayers overlapped working on the

project. We already know what the CAC did: hand money out to

community and education groups.

Sure, the Obama campaign may have downplayed the association. Shame

on them. But nothing "radical" came of the Chicago Annenberg

Challenge. The Challenge gave money to education and community groups

but failed to transform CPS in any wide or lasting way. For my 2001

chapter on how the Challenge evolved in Chicago, click here: From Frontline Leader to Rearguard Action (Fordham Foundation).

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