NY Governor Proposes Chicago-Style Charter Setup

The charter-creation setup in Illinois is not the norm.  In Illinois, districts have the power to approve charters themselves.  In most other places, that power is given to the state, some set of universities, or even nonprofit organiations.  Districts have nothing to do with the charters that are set up in their geographic areas other than gripe about or imitate them. 

Interesting, huh?  Well, now New York Governor George Pataki is proposing a little Chicago-style charter reform:  giving New York City the authority to authorize up to 50 of its own charter schools -- a power now reserved for the state board of education and the state university system -- and raising the statewide cap from its current level of 100 to a new cap of 250 (Pataki Plan Would Allow City
to Create Charter Schools
).  The independent state department of education  is opposed to this plan,  as is the Democratically-controlled legislature.

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