Not Everything Ruined During NCLB Era, Report Says

Nclb2A DC-based think tank came out with a new report yesterday, showing that test scores are are up over all between 2002 and 2007 for most states. Obviously, not everything has gone to hell during the NCLB era. However, there's no causal relationship between the improved results and NCLB, the report authors are clear to say.

Here's some coverage from other parts of the country:

Report: Racial gap narrows, but what did No Child law do? USA Today

Test Results Improve After 'No Child' Law, Study Finds Washington Post

Illinois has over 2 million students but along with New York among high

population states doesn't have three years of trend data, according to

the report. Why is that, again? Oh, yeah. The changes to cut scores and scoring scales in 2006.

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