Not A Legitimate Issue For Daley

This is from late last week but still the strange inappropriateness of Mayor Daley having anything to say about Meeks calling some other African American officials "house n-s" -- and the papers' willingness to make that a story -- is pretty amazing.

Epithet fuels Daley,
Meeks war of words
State Sen. James Meeks,
viewed by some as a potential mayoral candidate, has been a persistent critic
of Mayor Richard Daley. But on Thursday, it was Daley's turn to criticize as he
angrily took Meeks to task for the senator's use of a racially offensive word.

Daley mocks Meeks
over n-word
Sun Times
Mayor Daley
mocked state Sen. James Meeks, a minister and possible mayoral challenger, on
Thursday for swearing off use of the n-word after Meeks used it in a broadcast

If Daley weren't white, and wasn't in a political fight with Meeks, and if the slur didn't involve the Mayor's alleged control over alderman, then maybe he'd have some legitimacy on this issue that would warrant a story.   But that's a lot of ifs. 

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