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Economic Slump Slows Down Summer SchoolsNPR

economic downturn has prompted many school districts to reduce funds
for summer school. That's bad news for students who need remedial work
and for those who are taking summer classes to advance a grade.

Roosevelt High teachers give the Education Mayor a failing gradeLA Times

'We basically switched
one bureaucracy for another one,' one teacher says.

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End Is Near in a Fight on Teaching of English NYT

After 17 years of litigation, the United States Supreme Court will decide
whether Arizona is complying with federal laws requiring public schools
to teach children to speak English.

Honors for a President, but Not Without Debate NYT

Is it too soon to start naming public buildings after Barack Obama?

Duncan Calls for State Standards on Restraints in Schools Washington Post

"disturbing" reports of schoolchildren harmed when teachers physically
restrained them, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan called on state
school chiefs yesterday to develop plans this summer to ensure that
restraints are used safely and sparingly.

Mere 30-point bump on SAT can pay off bigUSA Today

30-point boost in math and critical-reading scores on the SAT reasoning
test is statistically meaningless yet could make or break a student's
chances of admission at "a substantial minority" of colleges, a
research paper says.

'Innovation' Push Raising Questions EdWeek

Experts are urging that effectiveness, not just newness, should be reformers’ goal.

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