News From Outside Chicago

This week's education news from other parts of the country:

Large Urban-Suburban Gap Seen in Graduation Rates NYT


new study shows the average high school graduation rate in the nation’s

50 largest cities was 53 percent, compared with 71 percent in the


Stimulus money may fund summer school, teacher pay AP

Education Secretary Arne Duncan

has some suggestions for how schools can spend their windfall from the

economic stimulus law, including summer school and extra pay for

teachers to coach struggling colleagues.

Achievement Gaps Drag Down Economy, Study Finds EdWeek


United State risks "the equivalent of a permanent recession" unless the

situation is remedied, a McKinsey and Co. researcher warned.

Upside of a downturn: Dropouts drop back in AP


hard-hit Elkhart, Ind., and across the nation, education experts see a

bright spot in the dismal downturn: more students may opt to stay in –

or return to – school.

Ind. Lawmakers Pass Teacher Lawsuit Shield Indy Star


Bill 1462, which now heads to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, would

provide "qualified immunity" to educators who follow school procedures

while breaking up a fight or disciplining students. The law is designed

to make it easier for judges to dismiss lawsuits brought by parents who

disagree with disciplinary actions. Via ECS.

Sacramento-area schools use race-based assemblies to push standardized tests Sacramento Bee


bleachers in the Laguna Creek High School gym were filled earlier this

week with students gazing at an outline of Africa on a big screen.

KIPP is ready to start bargaining Gotham Schools


enthusiasm to begin bargaining suggests that he does not intend to

abandon the Brooklyn school, a possibility some observers privately

raised after the teachers first said they wanted to form a union.

School strip-search arguments vex justices MSNBC


Supreme Court seemed worried Tuesday about tying the hands of school

officials looking for drugs and weapons as they wrestled with the

appropriateness of a strip-search of a teen.

Pa. boy orders secret state tests to 'play school'AP

The Pennsylvania Education Department plans to tighten security

after a fifth-grader who wanted to "play school" ordered a batch of

secret state school assessment tests from his western Pennsylvania


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