News From Outside Chicago

Some news items from other parts of the country that you might find interesting:

Ackerman wants control of inspector Philadelphia Inquirer


Arlene Ackerman has raised eyebrows by asserting that she wants control

over the Inspector General's Office, which investigates allegations of

fiscal impropriety and fraud in the Philadelphia School District.

HISD scores decline after update to national Stanford test Houston Chronicle

Thousands of Houston parents are finding out their children are more average than they may have thought.

Education Standards Likely To See Toughening NYT

The federal role in education policy, once a state and local matter, is likely to grow.

Winfrey Defends South African School NYT

Winfrey acknowledged that she had made mistakes at

her school, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, but said

she was proud of the institution.

RI school district to end teacher "bumping" Boston Globe


schools are set to phase out so-called "bumping" by filling teaching

vacancies based on instructors' qualifications instead of their senior


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