News From Other Places

A roundup of education news from other parts of the country:

New Orleans schools chief seeks restoration of federal funds Times Picayune

Recovery School District Superintendent Paul Vallas is still

awaiting word on whether federal education officials will reverse a

decision that dramatically reduced the Title 1 financing projected by

Congress under the recently enacted economic stimulus bill.

Study: District-run Phila. Schools Top Manager-run OnesPhilly Enquirer

The research, which echoes three previous studies,

examined the largest privatization experiment in the country.

Detroit Plan Would Shut Schools, Cut 600 Teachers Washington Post

Detroit Public Schools would close 23 schools and lay off

600 teachers in a proposal released Thursday that would consolidate

facilities in a shrinking district facing a projected $303 million


After layoffs, many workers go back to schoolUSA Today

In this tough economy, the path from a layoff to a new career often runs through a classroom.

Rhee Works on Overhaul Of Teacher Evaluations Washington Post

The dramatic increase in annual standardized testing, triggered by passage of the federal No Child Left Behind

law, has provided much more data on student achievement, but it has

been largely used for static "snapshots" that show test scores relative


Ohio School System Sued Over Bullying DeathNPR


northeast Ohio couple has filed a lawsuit saying school officials

failed to stop bullying that they claim led to their 17-year-old son's



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