New Schools Like Frazier Send Out Acceptances

Apparently some new school acceptance letters are starting to arrive, and may be creating some confusion.  Writes one parent: "Just got an acceptance from Frazier. Application was due a few weeks ago. But it seems that, as a non-selective enrollment school, and being in the area it's in, it's going to be a rocky road for the first few years. What's the difference between the Frazier IB and Frazier Prep?"

As you may recall from last November, the 2 new Fraziers were approved by the Board (click below for descriptions).  Can you help her out in terms of the area, the non-selective issue, and the differences?

From CPS:

Frazier International
  Baccalaureate Magnet School
will be a K-8 performance school. Established
  by the CPS Office of Academic Enhancement, which runs the district's
  International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) magnet
  schools, it will be a non-selective enrollment school and prepare students
  for high school IB programs. It will also emphasize global citizenship
  by promoting intercultural understanding and respect. The school will
  open fall of 2007 at Frazier Elementary, 4027 W. Grenshaw. It will be
  open to students from across the city through the magnet lottery process
  but will also include a set-aside for neighborhood students.

Frazier Preparatory
established by Frazier Academy Design Team, Inc., a local
  nonprofit board utilizing the management services of Mosaica Education,
  Inc., will be a contract school serving grades K-8. The school
  will prepare students for lifelong learning through the Paragon curriculum
  in a multicultural learning environment and offer foreign language studies
  and technology-based programs. The school has also developed strong
  community partnerships with local North Lawndale organizations in order
  to provide additional social supports to best meet the needs of all
  prospective students. It will open fall 2007 at Frazier Elementary,
  4027 W. Grenshaw.

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