New Online Resource for Teachers (and a Party)

With funding from CCT, Golden Apple is launching a new online teaching community called TEN (for the Teaching Excellence Network) "because too many teachers do not have access to reflective dialogue about their craft."

How is TEN going to be different from other online teaching communities (NTN, TLN, Facebook)?  I don't know, though I'm sure they've figured that out and will tell me soon enough.  But there's a party.

Here's what they say about how they're different -- someone more knowledgeable than me will have to assess these claims: 

"We recognize that there are a number of programs available for teachers, and were trying to do a number of things differently. "TEN has been designed to be an online communitythe online aspect is essential to its being.  Many teaching groups have added an online component, such as a message board, as something of an afterthought and havent invested in integrating it into their programming.   

The TEN community is open to any pre-K through 12 classroom teacherthey dont have to be invited, chosen, etc. TEN supports teachers across the spectrum of their teaching careerproviding support for new and struggling teachers, but also filling a real need for experienced and successful teachers to find renewal through challenging conversations with peers.

Our hope is that our discussion forums will go beyond the typical message board chaos, with a hundred topics and only one response to each.  Well be having fewer, deeper discussions at a given time.  Also, well provide trained moderators to participate in the discussions and help encourage participation, reframe questions, move the discussion along, and help bring it to a close at the right moment.

Were not subject-based or grade-level based, nor do we focus exclusively on teachers from city/suburban/public/private (etc) schools.  TEN can provide a much-needed forum for teachers from different milieus to come together and learn from one another.  We do, however, plan to keep our focus on Illinois teachers, which will allow us to open up interesting discussions on, say, school funding.

We provide lots of different ways for teachers to participate and share, not just discussion boards.  Teachers can recommend and review resources or submit short pieces of narrative, for example.  Soon we will also have job boards.

One of our real hopes is that we can form partnerships with some of the other organizations out thereproviding a next step for graduates of NTN, a space for further dialogue on a topic opened up in a TLN discussion summary, a place to talk about implementing a suggestion recommended by a TNLI research fellow, etc."

In the meantime, they're having a launch party that is open to current and former Pre-K - 12 classroom teachers.  It's Friday, March 3, 2006; 7-10 pm at Catalyst Ranch, 656 W. Randolph.  You have to RSVP to Sarah Lieberman to get in: or (312) 407-0006 x173.  See you there. 

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