New Leaders Pats Itself On The Back -- Again

I never got any response from New Leaders about their attrition rates -- and still wonder what the hell Erin Roche's mentor was doing for him at Ravenswood -- but it seems that New Leaders folks are all about the self-congratulations, and so they do have a new report out about "the patterns and techniques evident in low-income, urban public

schools making dramatic gains in student achievement."

One of the profiled schools -- you guessed it -- is Dodge. Another is Clara Barton: "Dodge Renaissance

Academy [Jarvis Sanford] , after having been one of the

lowest performers in the Chicago Public Schools, turned around to become the

state of Illinois’

highest gaining school in 2005-2006 and Clara Barton Elementary [Terrance Carter] has made vast

improvement in student proficiency rates in ELA and mathematics."

The full report is available at

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