New Leaders Older, Nonwhiter, and More Experienced Than You Think

New Leaders are not as young, as white, or as inexperienced as some of this site's readers seem to think, according to new data sent by the organization.

Both nationally and in Chicago, they're in their mid-30s, over 50 percent are nonwhite, and -- this is the part I'm not sure I expected -- they average nearly 7 years of teaching experience.  Two of three are women. 

Data about graduates provided by NLNS:


Gender: 33% Male, 67% Female

Age: 35.2 years. The age range is 27 to 60.

# years Teaching: 6.0 years. Teaching experience ranges from 2 to 25 years.

Ethnicity: (Cohorts 1-4)

    African American: 49%

    Latino: 10%

    Asian: 3%

    White: 34%

    Other: 3%


Gender: 36% Male, 64% Female

Age: 36.2 years

# years Teaching: 6.9 years

Ethnicity: (Cohorts 1-4)

    African American: 40%

    Latino: 14%

    Asian: 1%

    White: 22%

    Other: 1%

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