New: Instant Blog Updates On Your Cell Phone

Here's a new, superfast way to keep up with what's going on in CPS: get instant blog updates sent to your cell phone. Know what's going on before you even get to your computer.

Curious? It's easy.

First, go to, a free site that sends text messages out to people who want them. Sign up, then say you want to "follow" the District299 twitter.

Then, tell Twitter that you want alerts sent to your phone. To do this, go to Settings, write in your cell phone number, and click OK.

Now you're set. You'll get a little text message when there's new information posted to the site, and a tiny weblink that you can follow if your phone has Internet access.

Other ways to keep up with the blog include free daily emails (very popular), regular old bookmarks (control-D), and -- my favorite -- occasional reminders from from colleagues and friends.

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