New Goodies From WBEZ

There's a new-to-me "Newsroom" page over at WBEZ which has some story snippets as well as links to aired story segments.   Thanks to Brian Foster at Catalyst for  pointing to it.   

Even better, there's soon going to be an RSS feed sending out story headlines, segments, and links to MP3s (aka podcasts), making it easy for newsfreaks like me (and you) to keep track of what's been aired and download and listen to it even if we weren't listening at that moment.

For example, I'd missed this Jay Field snippet on a UIC study that just came out: Literacy Educator Calls for Clearer Standards.

According to Josh Andrews, content developer for the site, this should all be up in a  week or two.  The basic Newsroom page has been up since November.   

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