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CPS promoting 1% tax hike for schools

Chicago Public Schools officials are floating plans for a one-point

increase in the state’s 3 percent flat-rate personal income tax, and a

slightly higher increase for the corporate income tax.

CPS mulling support for Urban League lawsuit

CPS lawyers agree with claims in the lawsuit that the state’s

educational funding structure is broken and needs to be fixed to yield more

equitable results. But the district will probably draw the line at endorsing

the civil rights claimsthat are arguably the most powerful and strategic assertions in the lawsuit.

Special ed students struggle to find work


leaving high school in 2007, nearly 40 percent of students with

disabilities are unemployed and not enrolled in any type of college or

vocational program a year later.

Heavy hitters convene to launch statewide education group

Crystal Room A at the Hyatt Regency Hotel was pulsing with power

Tuesday morning as Advance Illinois made its formal debut. The new

non-profit organization aims to create a consensus around new policies

to improve student achievement in Illinois.

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