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500animationI've changed the comments back to oldest first like they used to be -- sorry about that.  And I'm instituting a new 500 word comment rule.  You've got 500 words to say whatever you have to say - hopefully it's detailed and first-hand like this one from last night -- but that's it.  If I see something that's way too long, I'm going to cut it off. 

By the way, there have been over 15,000 comments on this site since it started 18 months ago, and 2,200 posts.  Not bad!   

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  • I like George's comments, but I wish he would improve his writing skills. I think his rhetoric would be more powerful if he could develop his theme in a less jarring manner than hopping from subject to subject with a "Now back to subject x" technique. He does, however, do a good job with vocabulary and sentence structure.

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