New Chicago Principals -- The Quiz

Think you know it all about CPS? Take this fill-in-the-blank exam about the demographics of CPS principals -- without cheating:


year, 157 CPS principals are new to their schools. This is what they

look like:

Nearly ___ % have previous experience as an assistant

principal and ___ % have held positions as principals previously.


___ % are men; of those, ___ % are African American and ___ % are


Their average age is ___.

Only ___ % are from the district’s principal

preparation program, while ___ % are from outside programs and ___ are


outside the district.

I bet that most of you overestimate previous experience, overestimate the percentage who are men, underestimate the Hispanic percentage, and underestimate the age.

Answer key and link to the source material are below.

Don't peek! Answer key: 70, 5, 30, 46, 27, 46, 11, 22, 3.

Source: here

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