New Blog For A Snowy Friday: Chicago Teacher Man

GrowteacherSome of you may remember previous links to The Daley Show, a fun Chicago blog run by a guy who's name might be Andy Plonka, who occasionally made fun of education-related things. 

One of my favorites: "Grow your own teacher! Mr. Right Answer grows 600% his size in water! FREE lesson plan with purchase. He's polite to the administration and Local School Council. Always there for extracurricular activities. He never snores in class!Never argues, always agrees with parents. He doesn't mind the noisy kids. Never asks for a raise. He doesn't require a parking space."

Well, now there's a new blog, Chicago Teacher Man, just up and running about his life teaching high school ... somewhere.  It's no Fast Times At Regnef High, and that's a good thing.  Click over and check out his first few posts. 

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