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A bridge

to progress

One such

school is Libby Elementary, where new principal Kurt Jones is working to raise

achievement by cultivating stronger ties to parents and the



Elementary: Doing what it takes

Denise Gamble has a tough task:

Turning around the city’s worst-performing school, in the heart of housing

projects on the city's West Side. To do

it, she’s reaching out to parents and working to meet children’s social as well

as academic needs.


on the assets

Community strengths are

the key to transforming schools, says Ray Thompson of Perspectives charter



the classroom

An $18 million project in five

middle schools aims to raise achievement by addressing the problems children

face outside school.

For more about the communities that

are home to the lowest-performing schools, a visual and audio tour of the

neighborhood around Medill, and other extras, go to

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