Nevels' Wining & Dining: 15G+

So this is interesting: Local ed activists - like Parents United for Public Education and and some ad hoc parent groups - have been carefully working the media in an effort to ... I'm not sure exactly. Get more money for the schools? Force the ouster of School Reform Commission Chairman James Nevels? Both?
Today's "lunch tab" story is the second that spotlights the expenses incurred by the School Reform Commission. (Here's yesterday's story: Activists parents criticize SRC expenditures.)
The large sums of money needed to bail the Philly schools out of dire financial straits aren't going to come from Nevels' lunch tab. So this is mostly a campaign to discredit the SRC leader (and, well, the entire commission actually).
From a media perspective it's fun to watch -- the activists are getting prominent coverage in the Daily News, and Nevels and the rest of the SRC can afford to take some heat.
I'm trying to remember any recent instances in Chicago where parent and community activists made enough of a fuss to force some real change on a particular district-wide issue. Any instances come to mind?

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