NCLB's Birthday In Chicago

President Bush touted Horace Greeley Elementary on Monday as a school

that has thrived under his No Child Left Behind program, despite

increasing criticism of the act he sees as one of the signature

domestic achievements of his presidency.

Bush cites Chicago school as shining example Munster Times

President Bush came to Chicago on Monday to promote No Child Left

Behind and lay the groundwork for renewal of his signature domestic

initiative—a once-popular education reform that's quickly losing its


Bush touts school reform law Tribune

Bush used Greeley, one of 239 schools nationally to win a 2007 NCLB

Blue Ribbon award, as a backdrop Monday to tout a law he said was

succeeding, but may be ready for some fine tuning during

reauthorization talks.

'A little center of excellence' Sun Times


Congress Is Urged to Enhance NCLB Washington Post

Bush: I'd veto bill that weakened NCLB Baltimore Sun

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