National Union Head Visits CTU Delegates

I didn't realize until I heard it in Linda Lutton's report that AFT national president Randi Weingarten flew into town to support the CICS charter teachers who are trying to get union recognition (Chicago Charter School Teachers Fight for Union).

That's a big deal, folks -- signaling the importance, symbolic and practical, of charter unionization. There are similar efforts going on in LA and New York City.

As you may recall, it was Catalyst that reported that teachers at three Chicago charters were seeking union recognition (Union organizes teachers at 3 charter schools) earlier this month.

If anyone was there at the delegates' meeting, tell us how it went. Did it seem like the Weingarten visit was a CTU thing, or like Weingarten got herself on the agenda? CTU is in a strange spot on this because they can't organize the teachers directly.

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